Charolais Bulls-Our Herd Sires

HCR Patriarch 2502 PLD


Semen Available $20/Straw; $20 Signing. Volume Discounts Available 

Our leading herd sire, HCR Patriarch 2502 PLD, is known for being extremely consistent and stamping his progeny to be all very much alike. He sires calves that are easy calving, yet grow and perform to our expectations. He improves structure, is easy fleshing, has immaculate foot shape, passes on gentle dispositions, has daughters with beautiful udders and his sons are highly accepted by both commercial cowmen and seedstock breeders alike.  

WDZ Front Range 602 P


Semen Available $25 Straw; $25 Signing. Volume Discounts Available. 

One of our new, exciting sires is Front Range. He was the lead off bull in the Champion Pen Of 5 at the 2017 National Western Stock Show in Denver. He is backed by many tremendous, notable sires and females in his pedigree. We are using him to add frame, muscle, length of body and style to our breeding program.  

HCR Freedom 6144 PLD


Semen Available $25/Straw; $25 Signing. Another new addition to our sire lineup is HCR Freedom 6144 Pld. His pedigree is loaded with maternal giants in the Charolais breed. His dam is a full sister to HCR Patriarch 2502 but his sire brings a twist of new genetics. Freedom is very good structured, nice balanced, big scrotaled and offers a nice combination of EPDs from calving ease, to above average growth and carcass traits. He should fit nicely in our program and continue to refine cowman friendly traits with added growth and eye appeal. 

RENN El Patron 809F


RENN El Patron 809F sold on our 2019 Performance On The Platte Charolais Bull Sale. We had the opportunity to use him prior to being delivered to his new home. He is sired by LT Patriot 4004 and is out of our donor RC Nichole Y211. Watch for calves by him in the future. 

CD Royce 4093 P


CD Royce 4093 P has his first crop of calves on the ground in 2017. So far they do not disappoint. We love his daughters and they will make an impact on our program for years to come. His sons have some extra frame and length, are big bodied, stout boned, big testicled, sound structured and have an attractive, masculine look to them. 

R/V Outer Limits 7001


Our newest herd sire is R/V Outer Limits 7001. He is sired by M&M Outsider 4003 PLD, one of the hottest sires in the Charolais breed in 2017/2018. His dam is a daughter of the legendary M6 Grid Maker 104 PET and goes back to another breed icon Zsa Zsa who was a National Champion and the dam of Firewater. Outer Limits has fantastic stats with an 83 lb. Birth Weight, Weaning Weight of 875 (118 ratio), Yearling Weight of 1489 lbs (113 ratio), 42 cm Scrotal, is 6.8 Frame and has EPDs that rank in the top 5% of the breed for YW, Top 6% for TSI and top 15% for WW. He has a great phenotype to compliment his outstanding performance. Watch for good things out of this exciting new sire.